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30 Things You Didn't Know About Tangled | 30 Secrets of Tangled | 30 Tangled Facts You Should Know | DISNEY |
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Curiosities (References - Parodies - Cameos - Secrets - Easter Eggs - Errors)

1. It is the most expensive animation film to date.
2. The film was directed by Byron Howard (Bolt) and Nathan Greno (The Family of the Future).
3. Disney decided to change the title from 'Rapunzel' to 'Tangled'.
4. The Rapunzel design was made by animator Glen Keane.
5. Rapunzel is the first Disney princess to be animated by computer.
6. If we look closely, when Rapunzel starts singing the first time, on the stairs we can see 3 references to Disney classics.
7. In the psychology of color, purple is often related to royalty. That's why during most of the movie, our princess uses that color.
8. Inside the tower you can also see a spinning wheel. Referencing the classic animated 'Sleeping Beauty'.
9. In all movies, Disney tends to put us in one way or another to its great star. We are talking about Mickey Mouse.
10. Before creating Flynn, there was Bastion. Whose design was a bit more robust.
11. The process to design Flynn was not easy at all. The directors held a meeting with all the studio employees, to give their opinions of what they described as "an attractive man".
12. Rapunzel's first encounter with Bastion, back then, was going to be more aggressive.
13. In the first trailer that was launched, you could see how Rapunzel had the ability to move his hair as if it were a muscle or as if it had a life of its own.
14. The film shows that Rapunzel is turning 18 years old. But something that if you do not know exactly how old Flynn Ryder is.
15. If we go back to the beginning of the movie, when Rapunzel is a baby, we can see 5 references on her mobile.
16. The surname of Nathan Greno, is mentioned in the film, inside the tavern.
17. Inside the tavern, just after the old Cupid passes through the chamber, Pinocchio can be seen.
18. There was a scene in which Flynn and Rapunzel, they saw a kind of mystic monkey. But this idea was dismissed, since it was quite strange.
19. For this film, they called again the veteran voice actor, Frank Welker, who has the great ability to imitate animal sounds.
20. When Flynn and Rapunzel are reading books. If we detail well we can distinguish 3 classic stories.
21. Before there was Pascal or Máximus, in the film, the animal companion was a dog.
22. For the Latin dub, Rapunzel's voice was made by the actress and singer Danna Paola. While Chayanne, was the one who lent his voice to Flynn Ryder.
23. According to the original actors, for the musical scene of "I see in you the light", more than 45,000 lanterns were used.
24. When Rapunzel discovers she is the lost princess, another reference can be seen on the stairs.
25. It is believed that when they help Flynn escape the castle, you can see the 3 pigeons of 'Bolt'. Possibly as a way by director Byron Howard to reference his previous work.
26. Because they wanted the film to stay below the PG-13 rating, the animators had to take great care of the scene in which Mother Gothel stabs Flynn.
27. For Rapunzel's parents, they did not even have to hire voice actors. Since, if they notice they do not say a single word in the movie.
28. 'Tangled' became the third highest grossing animated film of 2010. Just below 'Toy Story 3' and 'Shrek Forever After'.
29. Although the film had very good reviews, it did not manage to be nominated to the Oscar as "best animated film".
30. In 2017, his animated series was launched, where Rapunzel grows his hair again, and thanks to that new adventures are unleashed.

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